Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Prep & Nutrition Questionnaire

As we head into the holiday season it is important to continue to respect our bodies through both quality food and movement.  Staying the course not only ensures you continue to look awesome, but also continue to feel awesome.  :)

Holiday foods can be laden with sugar and other undesirable additives but there are also lots of great choices to be found on the holiday dinner table.  Here are a few examples:

  • Turkey is an awesome choice for dense protein to help fuel your pre-Thanksgiving run or after dinner pickup football or basketball game.  
  • Vegetables galore, below are just a few tasty options for nutrient dense sources of energy (just make sure you leave off the sugary additives that can take away from the great flavor of the vegetables themselves.  
    • Leafy greens (recipe here)
    • green beans (recipe here)
    • carrots (recipe here)
    • squash (recipe here)
A little movement can go a long way towards helping you feel good and make great choices.  Take the family out for a quick hike in the nearby mountains (and maybe a few sprints up the hill) or maybe a game of tag with your kids at the park (with a few weighted child squats to up the ante).  It doesn't have to be super involved, you just need to get moving :)

Have a great holiday and if you have a minute, please click on the link below to fill out a questionnaire concerning an upcoming Fuel Challenge (potentially) and other topics for nutrition seminars.  Your input is super helpful in tailoring our events to your needs.  Thanks!

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